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Hier findet ihr die Masterarbeiten die uns zugesandt wurden. 


MSc Project: Unravelling genetic structure and gene flow patterns in groundwater amphipods from the genus Niphargus
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Aktualisiert: Juli 21

MSc Project: Discovering the underground: Occurrence and biodiversity of macroinvertebrates in Swiss groundwater systems
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Aktualisiert: Juli 21

Master thesis position in genetics available
We study the molecular basis underlying evolutionary diversification of sex determining pathways in insects. In particular, we are interested how the differences came into existence and what forces drives rapid turnovers of sex determining mechanisms. For these studies we use the common housefly as a model. Musca is a perfect system to address these questions since its sex determination system is polymorphic reflecting the bewildering diversity of different mechanisms observed in insects

The various techniques you will learn are:
RNA - DNA analysis, bioinformatics, -OMICS, microinjections into embryos, crossing experiments and culturing of fly strains, germline transformation, CRISPR/CAS9 and RNAi.
Mastearbeit Bopp.pdf
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Aktualisiert: Juni 21

MSc project titel: Räuberische Bakterien im Einsatz gegen bakterielle Krankheitserreger
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Aktualisiert: Juni 21

MSc project titel: A novel regenerative therapy combined with neurorehabilitation in traumatic brain injury (TBI)
Master Thesis Opportunity-Huimin Shan 07
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Aktualisiert: Juni 21

MSc project titel: Mechanism of Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus exit process from prey cell remnants
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Aktualisiert: Juni 21

MSc Project on the transient transformation of protoplasts of the emerging model organism, the hornwort Anthoceros agrestis
Looking for a Master Project in Biology.
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Aktualisiert: Juli 21

Research Internship studying the importance and evolution of Threespine Stickleback in the dynamic Lake Mývatn, Iceland
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Aktualisiert: April 20

MSc project on indirect effects of artificial light at night on plant-pollinator interactions and pollination
MSc project_light pollution.pdf
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Aktualisiert: Februar 20

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